100K Blueprint Review: Is 4.0 The BEST Version Yet?

100k blueprint review
We will take a closer look at this particular course so that you can figure out whether this is a suitable program for you or not.

Thank you for having a look at my 100K Blueprint review which was created by Dan Dasilva. We will take a closer look at this particular course so that you can figure out whether this is a suitable program for you or not.

If you’re not familiar with Dan Dasilva, he actually launches courses quite frequently and is a serial course launcher.

One of the courses he did before that became quite successful was an eCommerce course and he was able to sell thousands of that particular course.

Just before he launched that course on eCommerce, he indicated that he earned over 15 million dollars through eCommerce and dropshipping products that he never personally handled.

Now, in this course, he is very clear about what is achievable and not achievable. He says that its not possible to become a millionaire overnight by implementing his course.

He encourages people to beware of other teachers who flaunt their wealth in order to promote their eCommerce courses. With that said, he does show many success stories of his own students as well as figures that he and his students have achieved.

These figures aren’t super high, but they are still quite noteworthy.

This particular course has been around for a couple of years and it has been constantly improved and updated. The current 4.0 version costs $997 and when you purchase it, you won’t get all of the course material right away.

Instead, you will be given new parts every week to prevent overwhelm and ensure that you implement.

You will receive content for 12 weeks, so you’ll need to wait that time period in order to get the full course. I personally don’t like this model since I prefer to get all material up front so that I can go over it at my own leisure/pace.

What Is Inside Of The 100K Blueprint?

100k blueprint bonus

As mentioned previously, this particular course has been launched a couple of times and the current version is the 100K Blueprint 4.0.

It is a 12 week course that shows you exactly how to create an eCommerce store and do drop shipping for all of the products in your store.

After completing the course, this course is quite similar to other eCommerce/dropshipping courses currently available.

Now, there is quite a significant amount of content but this is expected since the course costs $997.

Even though it’s a lot of material, it is stretched out in 12 weeks and new content is unlocked every week to make it easier to digest.

We will now look at an overview of this 12 week course:

  1. The business model is explained and outlined
  2. How to triple profits in as little as 3 minutes
  3. Guidelines and tactics for dropshipping on Facebook
  4. How to use social media influencers so that you can market to millions of people
  5. How to use linear funnels
  6. How to build your business so that it makes $100,000 per month in profits and how to automate the process
  7. How to build up a team that will seamlessly run your business
  8. Finding new business opportunities
  9. Various activities including post sales emails
  10. How to find new products, link Bing with Shopify etc.
  11. Sales strategies, subscription models, pricing guidelines
  12. Workshops and case studies

This is quite a good course as it is very complete with everything you need to know in order to start a successful eCommerce business.

They also have a 4 step formula that will enable just about any beginner to build up a profitable business within 3 months.

What are other students saying about 100K Blueprint?

A great thing about 100k Blueprint is that it has been around for a while and so there are plenty of students who have had success with the program.

Here are just a sample of what students are saying:

Here is a video from one of Dan’s top students:

100k Blueprint Bonuses

There are 7 bonuses which are available for 100K Blueprint 4.0 members at this point. These include:

  1. Product lookup tool access
  2. Coaching Calls for 10 weeks
  3. 20 already made ad creatives and templates
  4. Email marketing strategies
  5. Ability to directly email Dan and other coaches
  6. Numerous real case studies
  7. Secret stand up video that is worth $2,000

Dan has indicated that these extra bonuses are worth many thousands of dollars on their own, so be sure to make full use of them. 

After all, everyone who purchases this product will receive these same bonuses and everyone will receive the same templates, ad creatives etc. To claim you bonus, make sure to check out Dan’s Webinar first

The Man Behind The Course

100k blueprint review of dan dasilva

I’m sure you’ve heard about people who started with almost nothing and are now extremely wealthy and successful.

Dan Dasilva, the man behind this 100K Blueprint course, is a 25 year old dropshipping expert. He claims to have made many millions of dollars through his own dropshipping businesses.

That is certainly quite an achievement, especially when you consider how hands off the dropshipping model is and how you have to depend fully on other companies and the internet for your business to run.

Dan actually started doing dropshipping in 2015 and within 2 years was able to make millions from his dropshipping businesses.

After his success, he developed this course and he also creates YouTube videos online showing people how to make money online. He currently has over 130,000 subscribers on his channel and that will surely grow.

There are other courses that Dan has created and these include Flipping Profits, eCom Dudes, Shopify Masterclass, Dropshipping Academy and more. This shows that Dan is quite a progressive guy that is keen on learning and sharing.

Who Should Get The 100K Blueprint?

This is a great course for anyone who wants to learn dropshipping and is willing to spend a bit more money on a course.

I wouldn’t personally spend so much money on a course that I don’t know anything about, however, based on the testimonies of past students, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

There are no set age limits and once you want to build a successful business, all you need to do is put in your best effort.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re a bit stressed about potentially losing you $997 and don’t know if you’d get value for your money, you will have to act quickly if you decide to get a refund. Once you purchase, you only have 3 days to get a refund.

With that said, this course will certainly help you to figure out the dropshipping business model according to Dan Dasilva.

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